Sunday, August 16, 2009

Did you pay too much in property taxes?

Most people overpay their property taxes

Last week, we went to the Taylor St. Festival in Little Italy. One of the booths at the festival was from the Cook County Treasurer’s office. The man at the booth said most people in Cook County have overpaid their property taxes. He told us to go to the Cook County Treasurer’s office Web site. Click the tab that says “Refunds” and follow the instructions to do a search.

It's easy to check online

Enter your tax pin number (it’s on your property tax bill) into the program, fill out the other information required, click a button and if you're due a refund, all the information will be before your eyes. It’s easy, takes less than five minutes, and you could be in for a windfall.

Claims are easy to make

We discovered we overpaid our taxes to the tune of more than $1,500 combined! You can go to City Hall at 118 N. Clark file your claim. If you go in person, all you’ll need are the documents from the web site that say you overpaid. Go to the Cook County Treasurer’s office, Room 112. If you mail in your claim, you’ll need to provide proof of payment that may include a 1098 form, canceled check, or a letter from your mortgage company.

Don't wait too long!

There is a five-year statute of limitations on all claims, so don’t wait too long to check. We just made it.

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