Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sam's Wine Shop to close this Sunday

Another one bites the dust

According to the Chicago edition of Crain's, Sam's Wines & Spirits will be closing their South Loop store at Wabash and Roosevelt this weekend. The owners are blaming the "moribund" real estate market and the slow down of development in our once hot neighborhood.

"Incompetent snobs"

If you talk to folks in the South Loop you might hear another story. Many residence said Sam's wasn't an inviting place to shop. The staff was aloof and unfriendly according to several people we spoke with. Chicago Journal comumnist, Bonnie McGrath, went so far as to call the staff "incompetent snobs." McGrath's very entertaining and enlightening blog post is worth reading. It could be a primer on how to run a business into the ground.

It is a shame that the former bus station will be empty; it's a beautiful landmark-worthy structure that deserves decent tenants.

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