Friday, August 28, 2009

Thin crust pizza makes its mark in Chicago

Say it ain't so!

Can thin-crust pizza actually be pushing aside the iconic Chicago deep-dish? According to an article posted at ChicagoBusiness, thin crust pizza is gaining momentum in our fair city. As if to bolster their thesis, the article mentions that in June, GQ magazine declared a thin-crust pizza the top in the land. And where did this "skinny" pie come from? It came from Chicago's own Great Lake pizzeria. No Chicago deep-dish even made the deep-dish period!?

No Chianti-bottle candles here

While it is unlikely that thin-crust will usurp deep-dish pizza in the hearts and minds of Chicagoans, the former is gaining some new-found respectability. Eschewing the typical pizza parlor atmosphere for something more sophisticated, diners are flocking to restaurants (don't call them pizza parlors!) featuring these thin pizza interlopers. Restaurants like Roof and Spacca Napoli are building loyal followings. So loyal are these followings that people are "actually raving about the slow service," according the article in ChicagoBusiness. What is the world coming to?

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