Thursday, September 24, 2009

Historical signs in the South Loop

Walking around the South Loop, we noticed these two-sided signs popping up near bus stops south of Roosevelt Rd. They explain the history of the area with photographs and illustrations of some historic places in our neighborhood. The signs, and the metal frames they are in, look great and perfectly match the bus stop shelters.

Upon further inspection (actually reading the signs), there is obviously a portion of the text that is missing. At first you think it might continue on the other side, but it's clear the texts do not match up. The error certainly isn't unforgivable, but it is embarrassing, especially when read by tourists visiting the area.

We brought the matter to the attention of the Second Ward Alderman's (Bob Fioretti) office and they responded very quickly with this statement from CDOT: "We are aware of the issues with these signs, installed as part of the Michigan Ave. streetscape. The contractor will be making changes soon (at no additoinal cost to the city)."

The Alderman's office was prompt and we thank them for looking into this matter. So look for the new corrected signs to show up soon. If the people in charge do a good job replacing them, which we're sure they will, we probably won't even notice.

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