Friday, September 18, 2009

"Shot Fairy" comes to South Loop Wine Cellar

As reported yesterday, the shot fairy was scheduled to appear at the South Loop Wine Cellar at 1442 S. Michigan Ave. I am happy to report they showed up on schedule.

For $40, folks got flu shots and then sampled five different wines, served by Amy Garman, owner of the South Loop Wine Cellar. According the Dr. Hanlon, a board-certified family practice physician, having some wine after a vaccination poses no risk. He added that "immunity takes seven to 14 days to develop."

Joining Dr. Hanlon was nurse Peggy McKeever, a registered family practice nurse at Evergreen Medical Ltd. Nurse McKeever administered my shot; I didn't feel a thing and this was before I had any wine! Dr. Hanlon and McKeever will do more events this fall, including flu and brew at Kroll's, 1736 S. Michigan Ave. on September 30, 2009.

Both Dr. Hanlon and Nurse McKeever have young children who were afraid or in McKeever's case "terrified" of vaccinations. Dr. Hanlon and his team go to homes to administer vaccinations to adults and children. They will administer vaccinations to children, while they sleep, leaving a lollipop under their pillows.

If you are nervous about getting vaccinated, the shot fairy is here to help. Currently, the shot fairy's services are being offered in the South Loop and Beverly. For more information on events like vaccines and vino or scheduling the shot fairy to come to your home or office, please visit

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