Friday, September 11, 2009

A wardrobe puzzle

by Jackie Walker

While shopping for gifts over the last month I decided to purchase some assorted puzzles for members of my family. The first thing that attracted my attention was the picture on the box. Second I checked the number of pieces and then the suggested age ranges that were appropriate. As I was wrapping these assorted presents an idea hit me. A complete and functional wardrobe is just like a puzzle. A wardrobe puzzle!

Putting the Pieces Together

We start with the edges and create a frame that gives our work shape and form. The edges of a wardrobe puzzle are the jackets, pants, and skirts. We glance over at the pieces left that form the middle of this work of art. These are tops, tops, tops, accessories, and more tops!

Fact: 75% of a functional wardrobe should be in tops and 25% in bottoms.
Fact: Tops change the look of a created outfit.
Fact: The shape and architecture of a neckline is the most important part of the wardrobe options.

 As I work with clients,I find that if they do not have a strong top classification they will always feel as if they have nothing to wear. If you do not have an assortment of tops that you love and feel great wearing it will always be a challenge for you to put the pieces together.

A Date with Yourself

As you start on dealing with your wardrobe puzzle, make a date with yourself and visit that room or rooms of emotion…your closet Make sure it is balanced with a majority of pieces that can travel through your wardrobe and lifestyle. Do you have a strong frame built with jackets in your fashion persona? Do you have a firm foundation of basics in your trousers and skirts? Then visit your personal “Top Shop.” Do all your pieces fit together like the pieces of a puzzle to give you more options for outfits? Stage a dress rehearsal and pull together a variety of looks that you need for your everyday opportunities. See how you can mix them up just by changing the tops and adding some punch-piece accessories. Take some pictures of these looks or write down the combinations. Make a list of the items you keep reaching for and do not have or only own one. This list will be your starting point as you enter your favorite store or approach that sale rack. Do whatever is easier for you to remember how creative you have been in this fun fashion exploration. The more time you spend doing this , the bigger your reward will bein time and closet confidence.

Fill in the Blanks

Stick to your list! These pieces are your roadmap to completing what you have started.

When you go shopping purchase a core wardrobe instead of single items or outfits. A core usually is 6 to 8 units that interchange with each other and additional things already hanging in your closet. Eight units can equal 22 options. This way you are building a wardrobe not just adding bulk.

While in the dressing room think of all the ways you can wear these options and how they will benefit you and your life.
When you decide to build around a new color, select one that will also add to the colors you already own so more is more! For example if you build 6 to 8 new pieces around khaki these pieces will interplay with all your black, denim and navy living in your current closet. Your puzzle is growing.

You can build a wardrobe puzzle of as many pieces as you wish. You can place a personal “age appropriate” on the box!

One last Rule

One last rule: When building your personal puzzle, make sure to imprint your picture on the box. Don't place anyone else's or your pieces will never fit.

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