Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Closetology explained by Jackie Walker, the "Doctor of Cosetology"

Jackie Walker and Closetology
Many readers will remember that Jackie Walker wrote a weekly column for this blog called Friday Fashion Focus (maybe we can coax Jackie to write some more columns soon).

Your closet of emotions
Well, Jackie has a wonderful video that clearly explains the philosophy behind closetology and what it means to her and to you potentially.

I Don't Have a Thing to Wear: The Psychology of Your Closet
In Jackie's book, I Don't Have a Thing to Wear: The Psychology of Your Closet, she explains how you can clean out those negative emotions from your closet. Some of these emotions hold women back from being the confident individuals they were meant to be.

To view a video of Jackie explaining closetology, click here.

Available for speaking
Jackie is available to speak to your small group or your corporate audience with equal ease and grace. For information on how to contact her, please click here.

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