Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Is it really "Doomsday" in Chicago?

"How bad is it?"
We're now into our fourth day since the the CTA made cuts to buses and train service. So, I'm asking, "How bad is it?"

What's changed?
Since late September, I have been traveling from the South Loop to Evanston for work. I generally take the number 12 bus to the Roosevelt Rd. train station. From there, I take the Red Line north to Belmont, and then take the Purple Line express to Davis. For me, nothing much has changed.

I decided to start walking the five blocks to Roosevelt Rd. on Monday, more for exercise than a time-saver, but other than that, it's the same commute, no better, no worse. The Red Line seems to come along fairly regularly (as it did before) and so does the Purple Line express. I'm sure there is another side to this story from folks who primarily take the bus (or buses) to work.

Your experiences
So, I'll ask again, "How bad is it?" Let me know your experiences, good or bad, and don't forget to take the CTA poll on this page.

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