Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Vistors from across the pond

Visitors from Manchester, England
Today I took a young couple from Manchester, England on a tour of the Clarke House. A house built in 1836 might not seem too old (but it is the oldest house in Chicago) to folks from across the pond, but they seemed to enjoy the tour. They also took a tour of the Glessner House Museum with another docent. Here's a picture that I took of them in front of the Glessner House.

Free Wednesdays
Historic Prairie Ave. is a favorite stop for folks from Europe and around the world. Wednesdays are free days, and many of the guide books point this out to tourists.

It's a small world after all
The couple asked me if I had every been to England. I said I had and that I'd been to the south of London to the seaside city of Bournemouth. I discovered that the young woman was raised there. Small world.

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