Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wardrobe Cents-A-Bility

by Jackie Walker

"Shop in your own closet" has been my philosophy for many years and now with the economic situation everyone has jumped on the bandwagon. With frustrating clogged closets sending us back into the stores it is high time to discover who you are and what you need right at home. These are the pieces you craved and purchased time after time so why not take a new view of them and yourself.

Fact: Nationally, women wear only 20% of the clothes in their closets!

Take the emotion out of clearing the clutter in that room by planning the work and working the plan! Take out your calendar and do one classification everyday or once a week.

Order of Appearance!

  • Jackets are the place to start. They are the most expensive part of a wardrobe. Try them on. If they are tired, retire them! Try each one on and ask yourself if they still are a part of your current life and make you feel great. If not they certainly will make someone else smile.
  • Pants are the foundation of your closet. Do you really need all of those black bottoms? Do they fit?
    Be reasonable and keep only the ones you really need.
  • Skirts may have been sitting there for a long time because 98% of all women wear pants more than skirts. Be realistic.
  • Tops! Tops! Tops! 75% of your closet should be in tops and 25% in bottoms. A top driven wardrobe makes more options. Clear out the past lives and  keep only what is modern and age appropriate.
  •  Dresses! Try them all on and picture yourself entering the room at a prominent event. Time to pass some along. 
  • Accessories! Clean out the old handbags. Did you find any money? Throw out the old belts that belonged to pieces that disappeared long ago. Untangle the chains and rid yourself of earrings that are missing the pair piece. Yes I know about all this as I have been there and done that!
Not Wanted
Last week I sold my home in Florida and spent time watching all the things I just had to have go out the door by way of an estate sale, garage sale, and charity. It was a wonderful lesson on collecting. Even the antique basket that I had to possess was not wanted by anyone else. Keep that thought in mind as you clear out your clothes.

Finally take a realistic look at the pieces that are left that fit, you love, and work! Make new options in your closet. It just takes time to make this happen. Now make a list and when you go shopping your dollars will go so much further and your closet will reflect you and your budget!

Jackie Walker is the author of the best-selling book I Don't Have a Thing to Wear: The Psychology of Your Closet.

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