Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Tulips Were Free, but…

Working for Tulips
Remember those free tulip bulbs the folks at 401 Pioneer Court were giving away? Well they were free, but by 10:30 a.m., all the nicely bagged tulip bulbs were gone. What was left were probably hundreds, if not thousands of tulip bulbs in dirt and manure (oh, that smell!).

Switching to Plan B
This was the first year that the tulip bulbs were given away, so they had no idea how many people would show up for them. They thought they’d have the bulbs in the dirt (the dirt and tulip bulbs were on tarps) as back-up, just in case.

That's Not Perfume I'm Smelling
So, the very polite staff gave my neighbor, Gwen, and I gardening gloves and paper bags to dig out our own tulip bulbs. Well, it was an adventure to be sure and I bet the folks on the Number 3 Bus just loved sitting next to me on my ride home, but it was a short bus ride.

And next spring? Tulips should be blooming all over S. Indiana Ave.

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