Friday, July 23, 2010

Around Town: The Eye

This piece of art in Pritzker Park at State Street and Van Buren kind of creeps me out. When I was a kid, they used to show this horror film on "Chiller Theatre" called The Crawling Eye. The monster was a giant eye that crawled around looking for human victims.

Art or Just Plain Creepy
Far be it from me to be the judge of what's art and what's not, so what do you think? Have you seen it? It's hard to miss and this picture of me "poking" the eye...I had to wait in line. Passersby couldn't wait to have their pictures taken in front of it. Like the Bean at Millennium Park, The Eye seems to be a hit with the public.

Hometown Artist
Designed by Oak Park, IL artist Tony Tassert, The Eye is three stories tall. The artist said he modeled the sculpure after his own eye.

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