Thursday, July 29, 2010

Buckingham Fountain in the Morning

Buckingham Fountain is one of Chicago's treasures. Thousands of tourists from all over the world visit it every year. During the spring and summer, it's not uncommon to see prom and bridal parties getting their pictures taken in front of the famous landmark.

Popular City Landmark
The fountain, known officially as the "Clarence Buckingham Memorial Fountain," is a popular Chicago attraction, rivaling other windy city landmarks like the Willis Tower, Navy Pier, and the John Hancock Center. 

Fountain History Started in the South Loop
The fountain was commissioned in 1927 by Kate Buckingham to honor her late brother Clarence who died in the First World War. Buckingham thought the fountains in Europe were beautiful and wanted to install one in Chicago, her hometown.  Buckingham grew up at 2036 S. Prairie Ave., during the late nineteenth century, when S. Prairie Ave. was Chicago's original gold coast. Her father, Ebenezer Buckingham, had one of the finest art collections in that storied neighborhood.

It's hard to beat this view.

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