Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Free Museum Days

Today is free day at the Field Museum in Chicago. With the exception of some special exhibits, the entire museum is at your disposal. There are also free tours. I took one today of the Egyptian exhibit. I've been through this exhibit before, but it was more interesting and a lot more fun with a knowledgeable docent (tour guide).

Happy Anniversary Sue!
The Field Museum has been celebrating the tenth anniversary of the installation of Sue the dinosaur. Sue is a Tyrannasaurus rex, the most intact and best preserved  T. rex skeleton ever found. Sue was named after her discoverer, paleontologist, Susan Hendrickson. Hendrickson, who was born in Chicago, made her famous discovery in 1990. Sue went on display at the Field Museum in 2000.

Sue bears down on all who enter the Field Museum.
Free Days
One of the great things about living in a city like Chicago is that there are hundreds of things to do that don't cost you a dime. Many of the cities best museums have weekly free days, while others have specific free days throughout the year. Just because your funds are limited (like mine are) doesn't mean you have to sit around and sulk. For a list of free museum days for 2010, click here.

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