Saturday, August 28, 2010

South Loop Market Expands

South Loop Market is at 1720 S. Michigan Ave.
Growth in the Midst of a Depressed Economy
In recent years, the economic outlook hasn't been too rosy. Recently we reported WineStyles closing its doors, while other small businesses in the South Loop and elsewhere are struggling. So it was great to see South Loop Market expand its size and selection.
The deli counter has been expanded.

Bigger and Better Selection
Located at 1720 S. Michigan, the South Loop Market has become more than just a convenience store. Offering just about everything from soup to nuts (literally), the new expansion has increased its original size by at least a third. The deli counter is more robust and the beer and wine inventory has also increased. There are plans to quadruple the wine selection, which will be ideal for those last-minute purchases when guests drop in unannounced.
The South Loop Market will be carrying organic produce.
Organic Produce
In addition to the beer and wine expansion, just about every other grocery category is being expanded as well. South Loop Market has beefed up their coffee and dairy selections, as well as added brand-new items like couscous, and a line of organic produce.

To find out what your neighbors are saying about the South Loop Market, click here. And please feel free to let us know what you think.

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  1. I am so happy to have this fantastic store nearby! One of my new favorite items they sell is a hydroponic lettuce assortment that is gorgeous. I've never seen the product before at other markets so South Loop Market will see me come by regularly to pick up my salad fixings!


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