Thursday, September 23, 2010

Second Ward Community Meeting Recap

The South Loop Community meeting  was held last night, Wednesday September 22, 2010 at 6:30 p.m. The meeting took place at the 1st District Police station Community Room, 1718 S. State St.

It was standing room only at last night's meeting.

It got off to a late start with Alderman, Robert Fioretti opening the meeting at approximately 6:45 p.m.

There were three main items on the agenda: Traffic Control at 18th and Calumet; Park Plaza proposal at 16th and Indiana; and the naming of the South Loop Field House. The order of the agenda was changed at the time of the meeting. Below was the order for last night's community meeting.

  • Traffic control at 18th and Calumet 
  • Naming of the South Loop field house (Park 550) at 18th St. and Indiana Ave.
  • Park Plaza proposal at 16th and Indiana Ave.
The meeting was well attended (we estimate between 50-70 attendees) with quite a few members standing (see photo). While nothing was voted on, there was plenty of community input on all of the above issues.

In regard to the traffic control at 18th and Calumet, the most likely solution, for the moment, may be the installation of speed humps. Some people offered other solutions, including the addition of stop signs.

It appeared that the majority of those in attendance did not like the names proposed for the Park 550 Field House by the Park 550 Board. Some people didn't think the name choices represented the entire South Loop community. The Park 550 Board will reevaluate the name choices and get further community input.

The last item on the agenda was for the Park Plaza proposal at 16th and Indiana. The Park Plaza proposal as presented by Jeff Key, president of Prairie Pointe condominium association,  was met with some resistance by Tina Feldstein and Jeffrey Ayersman president and treasurer, respectively of the PDNA board of directors. However, the plan as presented did have support from many in attendance. The Alderman seemed to favor the plan in his closing remarks.

If you attended last night's community meeting, what were your impressions? The South Loop Connection (SLC)  would like to hear your reaction to the items discussed and your feelings, thoughts, and ideas.


  1. I was impressed with the attedance and I thought that Alderman Fioretti did a great job.

    Bill Van Emburg from the PDNW (Prairie District Neighborhood Watch) did a nice job covering the traffic issues. It looks like speed humps are coming to Calumet.

    The Women's Park Field House name should be revisited and be more representative of the entire South Loop. My suggestion is: The South Loop Field House.

    Jeff Key did a great job of presenting his condo association's proposal for the development of the park at 16th and Indiana.

  2. Please join Alderman Bob Fioretti and the 2nd Ward Democratic Organization for VERY IMPORTANT meeting this Saturday at 9am at the 721 S. Western office. If you have any friends interested, please bring them along. Any questions contact Marty at 312-890-4891.

  3. You know, if you keep deleting comments for no other reason then minor controversy, you are going to lose visitors to this site....

  4. Anonymous 1:46,

    I have deleted two comments in the history of this blog. One I deleted because it had links to Web sites and the person propagandizing did not sign their name. I told them they could repost if they identified themselves, which they did in another post; it is up.

    The second comment I deleted was overly personal. I will not allow personal attacks. If posters resort to name-calling foul language, their posts will be deleted. There is plenty of controversy in the comments that are still posted. I think my reasoning is sound and I stand by them. Personal attacks add nothing to the issues at hand.

    It's too easy to criticize and remain anonymous. My identity is known and posted. If you have an issue that you'd like to express or discuss, I'm willing to listen.


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