Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Second Ward Community Meeting Tonight at 6:30

Calumet sidewalk entrance to Soldier Field blocked off with yellow tape by police
The next South Loop Community meeting is scheduled for Wednesday September 22, 2010 at 6:30 p.m. The meeting will take place at the 1st District Police station Community Room, 1718 S. State St.

There are three main items on the agenda.

  • Park Plaza at 16th and S. Indiana Ave. 
  • Naming of the South Loop Field House (Park 550) at 18th St. and S. Indiana Ave.
  • Speed bumps and traffic control at 18th St. and Calumet Ave.

Please encourage your friends and neighbors to attend.


  1. Agreed!

    I'm sad to see Fioretti run for mayor because I want him to keep moving the 2nd ward forward.

    The PDNA seems to have personal issues with certain community representatives and they shouldn't use a public platform to become so emotional about whatever it is that bothers them so.

  2. With regard to the naming of the CPD Field House at 18th and Indiana:

    The PDNA Leadership:
    President: Tina Feldstein
    Treasurer: Jeff Ayersman

    The Park 550 Advisory Council Leadership:
    President: Jeff Ayersman
    Treasurer: Tina Feldstein

    Notice the survey on the Park 550 Advisory Councils website (who by the way controls this website...the Park District or the PDNA? Wouldn't it be interesting to know who's name it is under?)

    I think we know the Jeff and Tina want to name the Field House in honor of themselves...notice the three choices for names in the survey.

    Can anyone tell me when the next election for the PDNA is taking place? Don't they have to publish this?

    How about a full accounting of the finances for both the PDNA and the Advisory Board? Who regulates this stuff?

  3. We encourage you to get involved and spread the word about the survey if you don't agree. If we have missed your contact information to volunteer, or offer to donate money, please advise and we will get it corrected. Contact the Advisory Council via

    > Actually, you left out that that there are 11 Board members elected, including residents who are also active or board members on South Loop Neighbors, Near South Youth Athletic Association, The PDNA, Glessner House Museum, in addition to a creative, diverse, and knowledgeable group of residents etc.

    > The Advisory Council, with support of these groups, has given time, in-kind communication & website tools and development that the most Advisory Councils do not have funding for, but would dream of. This group and volunteers has worked tirelessly to improve, raise awareness, advocate, and get things started. They have raised funds for supplies, things like fitness mats, supplies and consumables for the summer and upcoming fall programs.

    In case you did not notice, for the first time ever (other than Northerly Island), this Near South area had Park District Summer camps for children!!! The Advisory Council was instrumental in working with the Park District for an improved sign-up process that allowed most South Loop & Near South who applied to be accommodated, when they are normally shut out of CPD programs and spaces.

    NAMING - again, we welcome your valuable input. The information handed out last night will be posted soon, but the survey is still active and there is option to select any name you choose.

    It is recognized that a Park District facility name generally provides information as to the facility location, use, neighborhood, or history and does not reflect the services or exclusion of any area served, as any Chicago Park District facility serves all residents throughout Chicago.

  4. Ineresting that the same birds chirping and posting about the pdna are probably the same ones trying to host events with their own business as a sponsor through other community organizations. I am sure they have the community's best interest on their mind.

  5. I would like to suggest naming park 550 after the late Eunice Shriver who founder the Special Olympic in 1968. The Chicago Park District has a HUGELY successful Special Recreation Programs.


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