Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fire at Macy's State Street: False Alarm

Fire crews responded to reports of smoke billowing from Macy's on State St., but determined that it was exhaust coming from the stores restaurant level and not smoke or fire. What was thought to be smoke was seen coming out of store windows at approximately 12:45 p.m. There were no injuries reported.

Firefighters respond to report or smoke at Macy's on State St.

The landmark store at 111 N. State St. had a similar incident in 2007. On December 18, someone mistook steam for smoke.

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  1. Seems like they need to update their exhaust system in that building. . .first steam, now exhaust. .that must have been scary! Did they hand out any new Macys discountsto calm people into coming back into the store. . would have worked for me.

  2. Giving out coupons would have been a great idea. You should be working in the Macy's marketing department!


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