Monday, November 1, 2010

Fioretti Has Cancer, Won't Run for Mayor

 Today's Chicago Sun-Times and other media outlets are reporting that 2 Ward Alderman Robert Fioretti has cancer. The treatment, reported to take two months, will make it impossible for Fioretti to run for mayor of Chicago. However, he is planning to run for reelection as alderman.

Alderman Fioretti (center) at the GSLA's Fall Classic last month

Fioretti, 57, postponed his entry into the mayoral race due to an emergency tonsillectomy, first reported as routine and "inflammation of one tonsil." As a run-up to his bid for mayor, Fioretti was planning to run on a platform of hiring 1000 new police officers and turning the east building at McCormick Place into a temporary casino.

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