Monday, November 8, 2010

Park 550 Advisory Council Open Meeting Tuesday, November 9 at 6:30 PM

The Park 550 Advisory Council will be holding an open meeting this Tuesday, November 9, 2010 at 6:30 p.m. The meeting will be held at the Park District facility at 1801 S. Indiana Ave.

Items on the agenda, according the Advisory Council Web site, include "Phase II update, programming, committee updates and more." 


  1. When I they going to name the park? Is that going to be decided tonight? Did they come up with any other names that didn't have Prairie District in them?

  2. It would be germane to the discussion to accurately point out that the building is legally located in a designated Landmark District called the "Prairie Avenue Historic District" nestled among Landmark buildings like Clarke, Glessner, Keith, and Kimbell Houses, etc. (by the City in 1979).

    The concept of recognizing historical or landmark significance, where applicable, in the naming process is encouraged and recommended within the Park Districts own Code. I don't recall if there was the same concern with Dearborn Park or Printers Row Park being named "Printers Row Park".

  3. The survey from the Park 550 Advisory Council regarding the proposed name change is tainted and biased. Instead of soliciting names from the public, the council gave three choices all having Prairie District or Prairie Avenue in them.

    I find that strange and then consider this; the website of Park 550 Advisory Council is registered, not to a park district employee, but to a private individual...Tina Feldstein.

    Ms. Feldstein is the president of the Prairie District Neighborhood Alliance (PDNA) and also the treasurer of the Park 550 Advisory Council.

    Even to a casual observer, this looks like a conflict of interest. I would ask anyone seriously considering supporting this name change to ask the park district to start over with a new survey...what's the rush?

    I also think Tina Feldstein and Jeff Ayersman (also of the PDNA) should recuse themselves from particpating in the survey. Once it is done, and the neighborhood decides...if it is Prairie anthing, then fine.

    But for now, this smells like an inside job.

  4. I'm curious why anyone really cares if Prairie is or isn't in the name. It's not like they're marketing the next Coke product that everyone is going to know the name of - it's just a building. Considering it's in the Prairie district I think having that in the name is fine. What do Tina and Jeff have to gain by suggesting names? Now if they were trying to name it after themselves that would be a different story.

  5. Inside job? Good to see this blog allowing anonymous ficticious claims. I bet the same anonymous writer is all in favor of organizations that use their their board position like the to write letters of support to allow public open space to be stolen in plain site.

  6. Mark,

    If people want to remain anonymous that's their choice and right. The only comments that are removed are ones that resort to name-calling and personal attacks.

    By the way, Mark, what does the "K" stand for?


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