Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Trader Joe's Coming to Roosevelt and Wabash?

True or South Loop Urban Legend?
I know, I know, you’ve heard this rumor a million times since you moved to the South Loop. New fuel was added to that fire this past Saturday at the State of the South Loop meeting with Aldermen Fioretti and Dowell.

A Supermarket is Coming to that Address
During his address, Fioretti said that a supermarket would be opening up in the old Sam’s wine store. He added that he couldn’t mention the name, but that it would be upscale. Well, that could suggest Trader Joe’s. But what about Fox and Obel? As some of us may recall, before Sam’s moved in, it was rumored that Fox and Obel was opening at Roosevelt and Wabash. In fact, this rumor actually made the pages of the Tribune, as I remember.

Most Supermarkets in Town
When the new supermarket opens, whichever one it is, I think the South Loop will have set some kind of record for the most supermarkets concentrated in a very narrow corridor; they’ll all be within walking distance of each other.

I’m hoping for Trader Joe’s. I love the one at 44 E. Ontario St., but it’s a bit of a hassle shopping there if you don’t have a car. One within four blocks of my house would be heaven. That means I’ll never run out of peanut butter and organic jelly!

What do you think? Is Trader Joe’s coming or not?

UPDATE: It's official. Trader Joe's has applied for a business license for 1147 S. Wabash Ave. Click here for details.


  1. Things look promising, according to my sources.

  2. everyblock lists a liquor application at this location for....

    trader joe's.

    it's real! oh yeah!

  3. Alderman Fioretti is doing a great job trying to get this project started i the face of the economy. Re-elect Bob! Remember Fioretti in February.

  4. I am very happy that TJ's is coming, but I wish it would have opened a bit futher south on Wabash (15th or 18th) to take advantage of open space, residents in Prairie District, on Michigan Ave, Wabash & State + the car traffic going back to highway. They could have their way with deciding how much parking they need.

  5. YAY!!! Best news of the year I think.

  6. I would have to agree. Went to the Trader Joe's by North Ave. today; hate that parking lot. It will be nice to have a TJ's within walking distance.

  7. Just moved into the South Loop. Glad to see Trader Joes coming to the neighborhood, but wondering about the building obstructing our view of the lake. Does anyone have information on how many stories the building will be?

  8. Dear Anonymous 7:29, I don't think your view will be obstructed (not sure how high up you are). The TJ's is adding a multi-level garage, but it shouldn't be higher than the existing building.


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