Monday, January 10, 2011

Trade Show Coming Back to McCormick Place

Trade Show Comes Back to Chicago
The Healthcare Information & Management Systems Society trade show will be coming back to McCormick Place in the future, according to today's Crain's magazine. Citing prohibitive costs, Healthcare Management scheduled their 2012 show in Las Vegas. In 2009, the city reported a $55 million boost to the local economy. Losing a large trade show (tens of thousands of visitors to Chicago) like Healthcare Management is a blow to the city, especially in tough economic times.

New Reforms Passed After Loss
After McCormick Place lost the trade show to Las Vegas, the Illinois legislature passed reforms to make the venue more competitive.

Mayor Daley and other city officials held a press conference this morning to announce the return of the Healthcare Management show.

What do you think? Is Chicago doing all it can to make it competitive with other cities?

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