Thursday, February 3, 2011

Around the South Loop: 2011 Volume 4: Snowcopalypse the Day After

It's Thursday and many businesses and shops are still closed. Now that the primary roads are plowed and clear, the sides streets are getting some attention. Maybe by tomorrow things will be back to "normal." Walking to the Jewel on Roosevelt Rd. is kind of an adventure. It's tough walking around town if you don't have a good pair of boots; the streets and many of the sidewalks are sloppy messes. And there are plenty of reminders that we endured a pretty powerful blizzard, as the photos below can attest.

Is the gate locked? The gate is still standing, but what happened to the fence?

The entrance to 1600 S. Indiana was broken during the blizzard.

You can actually get to the bus stop at 16th and S. Michigan today and the Dunkin' Donuts is open!

This looks broken, but I have no idea what it is. Any ideas?

This is how we clean sidewalks after the Snowcopalypse.

This old house: The Glessner House Museum was open today.

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