Monday, February 14, 2011

Midnight Movies at Facets Film School: Women Rule!

Geena Davis in The Long Kiss Goodnight

Midnight Movie Series
An off-shoot of Facets' long-running, popular film school program, Facets Night School digs into cinema's wild side with special Saturday night midnight lectures on cult favorites followed by screenings of the films and post-screening discussions. Horror greats, sci-fi wonders, action and kung-fu whirlwinds, exploitation favorites, classic and contemporary oddities, black comedies, rock 'n' roll docs, crazy animation and much more all go under the microscope at the hands of Facets' movie obsessives! It's a schooling in Midnight Movies that you won't find anywhere else!

Each class includes a lecture, a screening, post-screening discussion, grindhouse/cult trailers, giveways, and more! Each student receives an extensive educational pack for the films full of notes, essays, articles, a bibliography for further reading and more with admission, as well.

Jane Wyman in her Oscar-winning performance
Woman Rule the (Mid-)Night
This special midnight film series features women as the main protagonists. The series runs the gamut from cult to classic. Stephen Reginald, the author of the Classic Movie Man and South Loop Connection blogs and former "Meet Me at the Movies" host, will be presenting Johnny Belinda starring Jane Wyman on February February 26, 2011.

Lectures for each film begin at midnight with a $5 fee. See the complete schedule below (click on schedule to see full size).


  1. Sounds like fun. maybe we can go as a class and check you out.

  2. By all means, come as a class; it would be fun. The film I'm screening "Johnny Belinda" is really a wonderful film. I'm excited to be introducing it to, I hope, a lot of folks who haven't seen it before...and who can stay awake past midnight!


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