Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Chicago Park District Public Meeting Wednesday April 27

Dog- and People-Friendly Park Planned
Updated plans for the park at 1611-29 S. Wabash will be presented on Wednesday, April 27, 2011 at 7 p.m. The location for the meeting is the 1st District Chicago Police Station at 1718 S. State St. This meeting follows an earlier meeting held November 17, 2010 where two concepts were presented to the community.

Based on the illustration below, it looks as if they've narrowed it down to Concept A or the “curvilinear” design. It contained separate fenced areas for small and large dogs, which was appealing to many in attendance at last year's meeting. For any questions prior to the meeting, please contact Maritza Garcia in the 2nd Ward community service office at 312-263-9273 or

The "curvilinear" design, one of two presented last November.


  1. Separating small and large dogs is dumb and only takes away park sq ft from all dogs.

  2. This is a straight out dog park. I don't see much about it that makes it a people park.

  3. Dave and Anonymous, Please come to the meeting to voice your opinions; that's what the meetings are about. The planners have gone to great lengths to make the park people and dog friendly. Again, I urge you to come to the meeting.

  4. 'Anonymous' - Dog parks generally are actually NOT designed for feral dogs to congregate and relax before heading off for more rifling through the city's trash. In principle, they're intended for the people who go out with their dogs to play. Dog parks are 'people' parks.
    - Sohenlal

    (Posted as 'anonymous' because the OpenID validation is failing)

  5. Parks make urban living better and not the Private but Public Parks.
    Adding green space to the city environment provides cleaner air, a buffer to the noisy surroundings, a getaway from busy streets and house small animals and insect’s habitats.
    That Wabash location can be very successful public space with Dog Park that offers meeting place for not only dogs and their owners but all residents and other visitors.
    What has to be done is the examination of the role and function which that Park should include. The site analysis and historical study should be done to bring that lot to its finest public use.
    It can be a magnificent piece of green land that connects surrounding neighborhoods and becomes a common space as a park- a playground for everyone, and finally as a path.


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