Friday, April 8, 2011

Gioco: The Lights May Be On, But...

Closed Till Further Notice
Gioco at 1312 S. Wabash Ave. closed suddenly on Wednesday March 23. It was soon revealed that they had their state license revoke for not paying "employee withholding and sales tax payments." Several signs posted said that "...Gioco would be closed today until further notice."

One of several signs posted on Gioco's windows on March 23

Pardon Our Dust
On March 28, Crain's Chicago reported that Gioco was planning to reopen, but that Red Light, another KDK restaurant in the West Loop, was closing for good. Earlier this week, lights were on inside Gioco and some people were spotted inside. New signs were posted to Gioco's window, this time asking "us" to visit the restaurant's Web site. A check of the Web site reveals no new information. In fact, nothing on the Web site has changed since it closed on March 23. The same is true of the message on the answering machine.

Sign posted this week encouraging us to visit Gioco's Web site.

We hope Gioco reopens soon, as reported earlier, but their communication methods, or the lack thereof, give us pause.

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