Monday, May 2, 2011

Are You "Underemployed?"

New Chicago-based Comedy
MTV is filming a new comedy in Chicago called Underemployed. The show follows five twentysomethings as they navigate the world of work after college. Walking to Chase Bank this morning, I saw the movie trucks parked along S. State St. just south of Cullerton. The show's creator, Craig Wright, an award-winning playwright, worked on Dirty Sexy Money, Six Feet Under, Lost, and Brothers and Sisters.

Movie trucks for the new Chicago-based MTV comedy Underemployed
White Castle Run?
Not sure what they're shooting on S. State, but they're close enough to the White Castle. That could be the ideal location for a group of recent college grads to hang out and muse about their underemployed state. What do you think?


  1. Glad Chicago is bustling with film work. We are too beautiful a city to pass up.

  2. Does the show Underemployed need extras?

  3. Agree we are too beautiful to pass up and we are too gritty to pass up. We've got it all.

  4. I agree Chicago has it all. But, just in case you're short on extras, I can send over a few hundred more. What to heck. I'll just take care of me. ;)


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