Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"The Boss" Filming in Chicago

Kelsey Grammer stars in "The Boss."
The Boss, a new 8-episode TV series is filming in Chicago. The show is about a Chicago mayor, played by Kelsey Grammer, who discovers he has a degenerative mental disease. The production company, Lionsgate Television, had movie trucks stationed along Clark St. south from Washington.

Gus Van Sant is set to direct the pilot episode due to air on Starz. Grammer is also serving as executive producer along with Van Sant and four others.

As I was walking up Clarke, I noticed they had an lunch truck rustling up some grub. Don't know what kind of permit they had, but they were cooking on the truck and on the street. Check out the slide show below to find out what they were cooking up for lunch.


  1. This sounds really intriguing. It'll be great to see Kelsey in something new. Not that I'm complaining: Frasier still entertains me. (@bookmark_terry on twitter)

  2. Took a walk last night and was wondering what all the commotion was. Thanks for letting me know. Hope the show gets better ratings than Chicago Code.


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