Thursday, June 16, 2011

13th and Wabash: Dangerous Crossing

Water Main Construction
The water main work currently going on S.Wabash Ave. may be snarling traffic, but it’s also creating a hazard. A truck loaded with pipes is obscuring the stop sign to vehicles traveling south.

Traffic snarls during construction
Walk This Way
Walking across Wabash this afternoon, I was almost run down by a tracker-trailer truck barreling through the stop sign, honking as he went. Obviously, he thought he had the right of way.

Be on the Alert
South Loop Connection put in a 311 report and also contacted the Alderman’s office. Please be aware of this obstruction while you’re walking and/or driving down S. Wabash, just south of Jewel. If you don’t see any action being taken to correct this situation, please call 311 yourself and/or contact the Alderman’s office.

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