Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Burger Place Opening in the South Loop

Coming This Summer
According to their Web site (under construction), The Burger Point will be opening this summer. The new eatery will be opening at 1900 S. State St., in the space formerly occupied by Kutting Edge Kidz.

Pita Heaven and Tribute Close to Opening
According to a recent posting on the Greater South Loop Association (GSLA) Facebook page, Pita Heaven at 1250 S. Michigan Ave. looks ready to open. As of today, they still don't have an grand opening date listed on their Web site.  

Tribute, 800 S. Michigan Ave., which is supposed to open in about two weeks seems like it has a long way to go before the space is complete. I walked by Tribute last night and noticed some pretty elaborate light fixtures that were just installed. They posted the picture below to their yfrog account yesterday. It looks like it's going to be an interesting space.

Nice light fixtures: Tribute, 800 S. Michigan Ave.


  1. sign says burgers,wings,fries and chili! winning!


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