Saturday, June 11, 2011

New Restaurant to Open at 1400 S. Michigan

A New Breakfast Joint? 
"Waffles"  restaurant is opening soon at 1400 S. Michigan Ave. The location is just north of where Grace O'Malley's used to be. Judging by its name and the sign posted (see below), it looks like it could be a breakfast place. For several months, a restaurant permit has been posted on the window, but with no clue, until now, as to what type of restaurant might be opening there.

Japonais in the Mix?
Another sign posted says "hiring now" with the e-mail address It looks as if the folks who own Japonais at 600 W. Chicago Ave. might be the owners of this new restaurant concept, based on that e-mail address. Hard to tell from the sign, but my guess is it won't be nearly as upscale as that Chicago eatery.

After some recent long-time restaurants closings in the neighborhood, there appears to be a business renaissance. What do you think? Is there an uptick in new restaurants and businesses opening in the South Loop?

Thanks for the Connection JH

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