Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Clean, Green, and Friendly Too: Nassau Concierge a New Kind of Cleaning Service

Richard Geller, Nassau Concierge
Is it possible to run an ethically based business that is friendly to the environment? According to Richard G. Geller, Senior Account Executive, for Nassau Concierge, the answer to that question is “yes.”

“Concierge” Cleaning Service
Before founding Nassau Concierge in 2010, Geller worked in the financial services industry for ten years. A South Loop resident, Geller came up with a concept that envisioned a condominium building cleaning service that could combine “concierge” service. This concierge service would include friendliness, professionalism, competitive pricing, and environmentally friendly products. Nassau Concierge serves buildings as small as 30 units, as well as buildings with several hundred. They do not clean individual owners’ units or apartments.

Not Just Clean and Green
From that idea, a new condominium cleaning business was born. Not satisfied with just being “clean and green,” Geller wanted to establish a ethical business code that would further differentiate his company from the competition. This ethical business code doesn’t just apply to Nassau Concierge, but to the vendors and associates that they work with as well.

“We want our customers to live in a clean healthy environment and know that they’re not continuing environmentally destructive habits.” Richard G. Geller

The Price Is Right
Even with Geller’s commitment to green and ethical business practices, Nassau Concierge’s pricing is competitive with other cleaning companies. A realist, Geller knows that if the price isn’t right, associations aren't likely to see the "green" benefit.

Is your condo association looking to improve its building maintenance in order to provide a cleaner, healthier environment? Are ethical business practices from your vendors important? If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, perhaps you should look into Nassau Concierge by visiting their Web site and Facebook page.

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