Monday, July 18, 2011

“Dont take this phone out to make a call on South Indiana!”

by Cary Pfeffer

If you planned on taking out your cell phone to dial 911 while witnessing a mugging in the South Loop, you might think twice if you are the proud owner of the new TAG Heuer Link Smartphone. You may need to hire a bodyguard to make your next call!

Watch Aficionado
As a watch aficionado and luxury re-seller, I get all giddy at the thought of combining technology with luxury. When platinum and diamond Vertu phones came out about eight years ago, I was intrigued but saddened. It was the phone companies letting us know that the next generation would be less interested in fine timepieces and more concerned with looking fabulous and telling time on a digital display.

A $6,700 Smart Phone?
If you’re a watch lover like myself, you need to take a look see at this TAG Heuer creation. At $6,700, admittedly, its out of most people’s idea of spending what they would on a smart phone. However, if Breitling decides to merge with the iPhone, they will probably have me at hello. Ah, my two loves (besides my wife and 2 little girls, of course)!

TAG Heuer Smartphone

Heres a snippet from Engadget, author: Tuan Mai (paraphrased):
“Although the techie crowd is going to ponder the hardware specifics of a smart phone created by TAG Heuer, perhaps the number of people who would spend $6,700 on a phone might be a bit less interested. Disappointingly, the phone is lacking in the hardware department with its mediocre Android 2.2 OS, 3.5inch (800 x 480) screen, 5 megapixel camera, and 256MB internal memory.”
A Phone That Looks Like a Watch
In spite of its shortcomings, the TAG Heuer Smartphone goes above and beyond in aesthetics and luxury. With various choices from steel, 18K rose gold, and titanium models, there is surely a style to suit any high-end buyer. Fitted with fancy leather, alligator and lizard skin, along with diamond accents, this luxurious smart phone embodies the company's beauty. The phone itself even looks like a face from one of the company’s watches!”

Turn Your “Valuables” into Cash
So, if you’re like me, a guy in his 30’s, married with two kids, a dog, and a South Loop condo under water, you’ll probably have to sell a bunch of stuff to fulfill your next indulgence. I’m sure if you take a hard look in your garages and closets, there’s plenty of unwanted “valuables” not being used which can translate to fast cash. I use the term valuables loosely because one man’s trash is NOT ALWAYS another man’s treasure.

Just be careful next time you flaunt your goods around here. Next thing you know, they’ll be selling diamond studded pepper spray for those luxury craving vigilantes.

Cary Pfeffer, a South Loop resident, is the owner of I-Net Sales Partners, designer / luxury online re-seller, “I can turn your pre-owned designer items into cash.” Check out his Web sites: and


  1. What does this have to do with the South Loop? Am I missing something?

  2. The author is from the South Loop. South Loop Connection welcomes posts from local business owners and community members at large on a variety of topics. If you have some suggestions for posts, please send them our way.

  3. Clearly, the title is in regards to the recent muggings on Indiana Ave.


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