Monday, July 4, 2011

Residential Parking Permits Valid Until July 15, 2011

Grace Period for Parking Stickers
If you have Chicago residential parking permits from 2011 (beige stickers), don’t throw them away because they’re valid until July 15, 2011. This according to Susana Mendoza, the Chicago City Clerk. However, not all police officers are aware of the grace period. If you get a ticket before July 16, call 312-744-8590, contest the ticket referencing municipal code 3-56.

Tweeting With the City Clerk
The Chicago City Clerk is on Twitter @chicityclerk. The person managing this account was quick to respond, as you will see from the screen capture (check the response time!). Having someone from the clerk's office handling these kinds of queries on Twitter is very efficient and we're glad they're embracing social media in such a positive way.

UPDATE: Parking permits may be valid until July 15, but if you do get a ticket, you'll have to contest it via mail or in person. Frankly, not sure it's worth the hassle for friends coming to visit. If there is a grace period, all officers should be informed and if errors are made, mitigation should be easier in our opinion. City Clerks office was helpful, but again, process needs to be reviewed and streamlined.

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