Sunday, August 28, 2011

Waiting for Waffles

We told you. Barely open two weeks, Waffles at 1400 S. Michigan Ave., and their weekend business is out the door. The unique new brunch spot is carving a niche for itself in the neighborhood with it’s sweet and savory waffle creations.

General Manager, Alex Hernandez says Waffles will be adding more items specifically for take-out, including freshly made doughnuts.

Have you been to Waffles? What was your experience like? You can “like” them on Facebook and “follow” them on Twitter.


  1. I actually went today and I give it a C+.

    The portions were too small to barely adequate, especially for the money.
    The food took forever, which would be forgivable (considering how new the restaurant is), but the server didn't acknowledge the almost 40 minute wait. And the food? I had the red velvet waffles which was ok. It was a little small, but rich enough that I felt mostly satisfied. One friend had the benedict waffle and he said the food was lukewarm and the meat was dry. Another friend had the cheddar and short rib, and said the waffle had no flavor and the meat was cool.

    Will I go back? Yes. I'll give it a few weeks and then another go before I write it off. But would I recommend it? Not right now.

  2. These type of brunch restaurants are the oddest thing. When else can get away with eating dessert as your main meal. If people really thought about what they're eating, maybe they wouldn't be so popular.

  3. I agree with Erica. The pricing is a bit ridiculous for the small waffle. Our food was good, the service was OK but we can't get over the pricing so when we hear that the portions are adjusted or prices lowered we'll be back. Please let us know when that happens because they have a great location.

  4. I have been twice - both on the weekend. My food was not hot and I waited over 35 minutes for my food and it also took a while to get my check. Service is definitely spotty. I ordered the bacon waffle with chicken and it was bad. The spicy syrup was very vinegary. When the food came to the table, you could smell the vinegar. My friend had the basic waffle and it came with cream that was not sweet. I really want them to succeed but it will be awhile before I go back.

  5. i went the weekend it opened. the food was not enough to make up for the horrible service. we got there and they took our names for the wait list. that host left and the next person that showed up said that there was no list, it was just first come first serve and that we should stand in line in order of the way we walked in. a different person brought our water, took our order (15 mins after we sat) and brought our order (30 mins after we ordered). however that was the only time we ever saw anyone. no follow up on how the meal was and no one even came to bring the check. i had to ask who i assume was the hostess to find whoever our server was to bring our check. 10 minutes later and no check, i asked the hostess again to find someone who could bring our check. a person i hadn't seen before brought the check, which was wrong. in the midst of all this a couple next to us sat down and after 15 minutes of no one even acknowledging them, they - understandably - got up and left. no one knew what they were doing, its like the concept of sections went completely out the window and everyone was running around like scattering ants. would go back to give it another try if i heard the food made it worth the potential of another bad experience.


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