Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Organizing With You Tip of the Week: “Pruning”

Pooja Gugnani

Three questions to ask yourself when pruning down your belongings:

  1.  Do I really need this item? Be specific as to how.
  2.  When was the last time I used it? 
  3.  Are there others—my family, friends, co-workers, charity—who could make better use of it?

By asking yourself these questions, you will have the answers right in front of you to help determine whether you are simply collecting or keeping with a purpose.

You might want to consider
donating some of your belongings
to a charitable organization.
Before founding Organizing With You, Inc., Pooja Gugnani worked for six years as a marketing and communications executive in a health care non-profit organization. Her belief that organizing paves the way for personal development and general well-being  led her to explore a career as a professional organizer. Pooja is passionate about organizing and loves that she is able work with clients ranging from executives, busy moms, entrepreneurs, students to seniors. Pooja resides in downtown Chicago with her husband, and is also an avid artist. She has had numerous clients benefit from her services. You can find Organizing With You on Facebook and you can follow her on Twitter.

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