Friday, October 28, 2011

On Target: The Burger Point

If you’re like many people in the South Loop, you’ve been anticipating the opening of The Burger Point at 1900 S. State St. Well the wait is over. Their official grand opening date is November 4, 2011, but they’re in the midst of their soft opening, so we decided to try a burger and meet with co-founder and Chicago native, Asha (pronounced ah-sha) Mathew this afternoon. The owner and the other co-founder is David Esterline, who is originally from Harrisburg, PA.

 I’ll Have The “Crunchy Burger”
The corner location seems the ideal place for a restaurant like The Burger Point. Their “limited soft opening menu” currently features 10 burgers with names like #6 The Jersey Shore, #8 Spanish Revolution, and #10 The Gobbler, which is a turkey burger with philly cream cheese and a cranberry reduction sauce. For our visit, we opted for #1 The Burger Point, which included roasted chile peppers, fried egg, smoked bacon, and pepperjack cheese on a pretzel roll. It was moist and tasty with all the toppings nicely blending together in my mouth. We also ordered the sweet potato fries, which were sprinkled with brown sugar and cinnamon. It was a taste we weren’t expecting, but we found ourselves gobbling them up. Also on the menu were 10 types of chicken wings. We’re guessing the “3 Mile Island” wings are pretty hot.

 iPod Ordering
The space itself is pleasant and nicely decorated. The windows wrapping around the corner make it bright and comfortable inside. The Burger Point was bustling when we arrived at 2 p.m., so it’s hard to imagine it being any busier once they officially open next Friday. In the not so distance future, you’ll be able to electronically order your burger, customizing it any way you want, by punching your burger and toppings choices on one of three iPod stations waiting to go live.

 Happy Beef, Better Burgers
One thing to consider when ordering. All burgers are cooked to order and are made from fresh AGA certified 100% grass-fed beef. None of their chop meat is ever frozen, which means you may wait a little longer for your burger, but we think you won’t be thinking about the few extra minutes once you’ve had a bite.

You can find The Burger Point on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

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