Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sprout Playroom to open at 1454 S. Michigan Ave.

Thanks to a friend on Twitter and an anonymous comment left here, we now know what Sprout is. Thanks to @solomotorrow for the first heads up. Here is a quote from  their Facebook page.

Sprout Playroom is a unique, eco-friendly, indoor playspace located in the South Loop neighborhood of Chicago. We are committed to providing a healthy and meaningful play experience for children by selecting only safe, sustainable and responsibly made toys and materials for our playspace. Sprout Playroom features recycled cork flooring, low VOC paint, reclaimed wood and is uniquely designed to utilize as much natural light as possible. Beyond our playspace, Sprout Playroom offers a multitude of workshops and classes to assist you in your quest to becoming a more eco-minded parent. Sprout Playroom also features a retail boutique which offers local, organic, fair trade, and recycled products and gifts for children and parents as well as a private event space for parties. We invite you to Love the Earth and Play!

The information from Facebook says they’ll be on the second floor of the Buick Building located at 1454 S. Michigan and plan to open spring 2012.

The company Web site is currently under construction, but click here to go to their site.



  2. a simple google would of found that.

    1. Thanks, but a simple Google search didn't find it. Again, thanks for helping out.

  3. Dashing my dreams of another local vegan restaurant...

  4. A vegan restaurant would be a welcome addition to the South Loop for sure and Sprout would be a great name for it, but alas, it's been taken.


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