Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Businesses Coming to the South Loop

Some new businesses are getting ready to open in the South Loop.

A new pet-grooming place is opening up at 1400 S. Michigan Ave., just north of Waffles and Sanctuary. At 606 S. Wabash, a new Pita restaurant, Pita Belly is “coming soon.” You can follow Pita Belly on Twitter @thepitabelly. Their Facebook page is in the works and we couldn’t find a Web site, so one may assume it’s in the works too. And at 71 E. 16th St. a tableware product store, Cardinal International, looks like it’s ready to open.

There is a Cardinal International Web site, but it doesn’t give any retail store location details. According to the company Web site, Cardinal International is “the leading supplier of tableware products to the food service industry.” Based in Pine Brook, NJ, the company has been in business since 1935.


  1. why would you open another pita restaurant so close to pita heaven? There are so many other types of cuisine we are missing in the sloop

  2. It's really not that close when you think about it. Pita Heaven is south of Roosevelt Road. Pita Belly is near 8th and Wabash, which draws a lot of college students. The South Loop should be able to keep both in business. Thanks for stopping by and checking out SLC.


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