Friday, July 13, 2012

Don’t leave $6,000 dollars on the table

by Rich Geller

Does it cost more to have a green janitorial company for your condominium building, office, store or restaurant? No way! Green cleaning is not more expensive—just a new way to do things. But some green janitorial companies charge more for green service: up to $500 a month. That’s $6000 a year. When considering a green janitorial company for your condominium building, office, store or restaurant, don’t be fooled into thinking that green costs more. Here are a few things to contemplate.

Make the switch and be careful 
So, you want to use green products with your existing or new green janitorial company? First, be careful of what cleaners they use because a common green cleaning product is vinegar. Unless you want your building or establishment smelling like a pickle factory, ask the company which cleaners they intend to use. Also, be sure that the cleaners are actually green. Some cleaners use marketing labels that have green logos but are, in fact, the same toxic chemicals just packaged differently.Try using great smelling and great working green cleaners, such as Method products and Green Works®.

The potential cost of going green
When your existing janitorial company switches to green products, it could be a costly transition. A great website for the cost of going green is Federal Facilities Environmental Stewardship & Compliance Center. The Federal Center cites a few reasons why the transition period from toxic to green may be costly.
  • During the transition to green cleaning products and practices, workers might initially use more‘green’ product than they should.
  • During the transitional period, residues from cleaning products might create problems. It could take a while before the new, environmentally preferable cleaners work well. This delayed effect is particularly seen in glass cleaners.
  • It is important to train cleaning crews to use green cleaning products in an appropriate manner.”
The best way to get around this upfront cost is to hire a company that is already employing green cleaning. Companies that already “green clean” will have no transition period and, therefore, no additional cost to you.

Don’t pay more 
Janitorial companies should not cost more for green service and should come in line with other competitive bids—green or not. Even if a company states that green products cost more, don’t worry—most janitorial companies have vendor relationships with the manufacturor. So, in the end, the cost of the green product that is bought in bulk is equal to or is only a minimal price difference than toxic chemicals.

Follow through and “green clean”
Most of us have made the switch to using green products in our homes for our safety and our families. Now it’s time to make the switch to a green janitorial company for your community environment. Don’t pay more. Contemplate these tips and don’t leave $6,000 (or more) on the table.

Green janitorial company
Nassau Concierge is a green commercial cleaning service for condominium buildings, offices, stores or restaurants. Located in the South Loop, we serve the greater Chicago area. Visit us on the web at, email us at, or call 312-480-7421 to discuss making a switch to a green janitorial company for your establishment. For a free competitive estimate call 312-480-7421. 

Rich Geller is the founder and Senior Account Executive for Nassau Concierge.


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