Sunday, November 18, 2012

Stem cell therapy for pets offered at South Loop Metropolitan Veterinary Center

Veterinary medicine now offers hope for injured or elderly pets with stem cell therapy. Metropolitan Veterinary Center at 1556 S. Michigan Ave. #100, is introducing this therapy to the South Loop and Chicago, being one of the few veterinary centers in our area performing this innovative procedure. For pets with arthritis and hip dysplasia, stem cell therapy is life changing.

What is stem cell therapy?
Stem cell therapy introduces adult stem cells into damaged tissue to treat injury and/or disease. First talked about ten years ago as having great potential in the treatment of human sickness and disease, animal stem cell therapy has advanced faster with incredible success.

The Center includes a state-of-the-art operating theater.
With dogs, adult stem cells are harvested from the fat behind their shoulder. Cats have stem cells removed from the fat around their abdomen. These processed stem cells are then injected into the animal. The procedure is completely natural—animals use their own healing cells. It takes several weeks for effects to be noticed.

Safe for older pets
The procedure is safe for older animals, as long as they are in good health otherwise. Metro Vet Center is currently treating an 11-year-old dog. Stem cells can be banked for future use, which would eliminate the need for surgery.

Cost keep coming down
According to Dr. Kjerstin Jacobs at Metro Vet Center, pet stem cell therapy isn’t currently covered under pet insurance. However, pet stem cell therapy has been performed successfully for about nine years, which has helped bring the costs down.

For more information on this innovative procedure and how it might help your pet, call Metropolitan Veterinary Clinic at 312.583.1921. You can find Metro Vet Clinic on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

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