Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Burger Point Delivers

Our hunger got the best of us
One of our favorite burger places in the South Loop is now offering delivery. The Burger Point at 1900 S. State St. (at corner of State and Archer) will be delivering from Clark St. to Lake Michigan and from Roosevelt to Cermak. For orders over $75, they will “accommodate a larger area.”

One of our favorite burgers is The Gobbler, probably the best turkey burger we’ve ever had. We like it so much that for months, that’s all we ordered. Well on Monday, I asked co-owner and co-founder Asha Mathew to suggest we try another burger. Honestly, all the burgers look great to us, but as Asha was describing The Blue Harvest—blue cheese and double-smoked bacon grilled together, more blue cheese, bourbon bacon jam—we just had to try it. We guess you could say, “She had us at bacon,” which wouldn’t be too far from the truth. We weren’t disappointed; the bacon jam is a great touch. We find most of The Burger Point burgers don’t need ketchup or mustard because they’re so juicy and flavorful straight off the grill.

We also tried a relatively new item on the menu: Burger Rolls. House-made cheeseburger egg rolls served with dipping sauce. We found these “perfect-as-appetizer-treats” addictive, but in a good way.

The Burger Roll, with dipping sauce and fries

For a quick peek at The Burger Point menu, click here.

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