Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jackson Harbor Station

Last summer, almost every weekend, we used to bike along the lake. We would start our trek by Burnham Harbor and ride south to Hyde Park. Part of the reward for exercising was stopping for lunch at the Jackson Harbor Station restaurant.


This past Sunday we decided to take our first bike ride south. It was with much anticipation that we journeyed. Visions of relaxing outside on the restaurant deck with cool breezes blowing filled our heads. Of course, the memory of the delicious hamburgers and fries we had the previous season was also in the backs of our minds. Well, actually, one of us had a portobello mushroom sandwich, but it was delicious too.

Gone but not forgotten

What a disappointment to discover that the restaurant was closed. From the looks of the weeds growing on the patio leading to the deck, it appears as if it never reopened after last season.

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