Sunday, November 15, 2009

Think Global, Drink Local: A Recap

On October 29, Overflow Coffee Bar had it's first educational event at the South Loop Wine Cellar.  The event was better than could have been expected!  Here's the night in review:
  • 30 people attended.
  • There were lots of cupcakes, cookies, fruit, and chocolate covered expresso beans.  One of the students there said the cupcakes were the best he's ever had. 
  • Coffee Ambassadors brought some great coffee from Guatemala and Honduras.  A woman said this was the best coffee she's ever had.
  • Tim Taylor spoke about direct trade coffee.  He shared that direct trade is about relationship, excellence and transparency.
  • Amanda Neely, Executive Director, spoke about Overflow Coffee Bar's mission and vision for the South Loop: uniting all South Loopers - residents, students and workers - to change the world.
  • There was a great Q & A time and people had some wonderful questions about direct trade coffee and Overflow. 
More photos can be viewed at

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