Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lakeshore Athletic Club on the bubble

According to, Lakeshore Athletic Clubs is in danger of losing it's Stetson St. location near Millennium Park. The Web site article points to competitors like LA Fitness as part of Lakeshore's troubles.

LA Fitness's monthly fees ($55) are half what Lakeshore charges ($110). But LA Fitness offers similar facilities and ammenities. For consumers, the choice is pretty simple: join the cheaper club. For Lakeshore, it's much more complicated. Lakeshore has already closed two Chicago clubs and is behind on a $33.5 million loan, making their situation much more dire.

Joining a health club often seems like a crapshoot. You always wonder, once you've joined, if the club will stay in business.

Are you a member of a South Loop health club or another one in the city or suburbs? How confident that your club will be in business a year or five years from now?

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