Sunday, August 22, 2010

Another One Bites the Dust: WineStyles Closes

It's been reported elsewhere, but it's still a surprise to see WineStyles at 1240 S. Michigan Ave. closed and empty. This is especially hard to believe since I was there about a week ago on a week night and it was filled with customers. Many neighbors enjoyed the friendly staff and atmosphere. WineStyles will be missed.
WineStyles at 1240 S. Michigan closes

Two Left Standing
After years of having no specialty wine shops in the South Loop, seemingly overnight we had four: South Loop Wine Cellar, Sam's, Binney's, and WineStyles. Sam's was the first to go. Now WineStyles is no more, leaving South Loop Wine Cellar at 1442 S. Michigan Ave. (the first wine shop to open here) and Binney's at 1132 S. Jefferson St.

Cubbies once filled with dozens of wine bottles are now empty.


  1. Winestyles will be missed. I really liked grabbing a "to go" from Ma & I and heading over to enjoy the atmosphere and bottle of wine there.
    I hope everyone frequents the South Loop Wine Cellar so that we can keep our local shops open.
    Shop local! Bring your friends!

  2. Yes, I loved the to-go thing they started. It was a great idea and seemed to be popular.


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