Thursday, January 20, 2011

Around the South Loop: 2011 Edition Volume 2

The last two weeks in Chicago were pretty exciting. The Bears bested the Seahawks, the snow came and went and came back again. If you were walking around the city, it was pretty rough going in some places. But that's all part of winter in Chicago, right? It's also part of what makes us start thinking that spring can't come any time too soon. Let's take a walk around the South Loop and see what the last two weeks were like.

Bears fans assemble in the South Loop for Sunday's game.

It wouldn't be Bears game day without cops writing tickets now, would it?

And it wouldn't be Bears game day without 9 a.m.
The number 12 bus stops at Michigan and 16th St.
Traffic blocked at Adams, caused backups on Michigan Ave. this Tuesday.
They finally took the wreaths off the Art Institute lions.
Michigan Ave. looking north to downtown
Everything you need to know on one signpost
Nothing stops the picketers in front of the Congress Hotel.
Happy Cleaners on S. Indiana can't make up their mind who they're supporting for Alderman.
Footprints in the snow at Grant Park

Two birds found my balcony  a great place to rest and catch some rays...when there were some rays to catch.


  1. Thanks you Knitting Goddess. I love taking them as I walk around the South Loop. We live in a beautiful neighborhood.


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