Sunday, April 24, 2011

Around the South Loop: 2011 Volume 9: Spring Tease

Is it Spring Yet?
The thermometer rose to the low 60s this weekend. Compared to the recent cold spring days we've been experiencing, it felt like mid-summer. There was plenty of activity up and down Michigan Ave. Al fresco dining was in full display around and a welcome sight to those of us yearning for warmer days.

This sign recently went up in the space formerly occupied by Opera. We hope we'll see al fresco dining at 13th and S. Michigan Ave. once again.

Folks were out and about taking in the sights and visiting the Art Institute.

The outdoor seating at the Gage was packed on Saturday.

Caught a glimpse of this old train car with the seal of the United States Navy mounted on the back railing as I walked along Roosevelt Rd.
As noted in an earlier post, Donna's Café had its grand opening yesterday afternoon. Check out the slide show below to get an idea of what the day was like.

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