Friday, June 17, 2011

13th and Wabash Continued

Obstruction Moved
The truck flatbed that was blocking the south-facing stop sign at S. Wabash and 13th has been moved to the east side of S. Wabash near 14th. We put in a call to 311 yesterday and we’re happy to see they made sure the truck was moved.

What we're seeing on S. Wabash these days

What's the 311?
South Loop Connection still hasn’t been able to get any information on how long the water main work will take. The signs say call the 311 operator for information, which we did this afternoon. The 311 operator was very polite, but the work seemed to be as big a surprise to her as to us. She checked with her supervisor, but she was not able to provide any additional information.

Timing is Everything
The timing couldn’t be worse for the restaurants along S. Wabash offering alfresco dining, just when the weather is finally getting nice. We called Gioco, but there was no one available to speak with us before this piece was posted. Zapatista’s had their answering service on.

There is also sewer work going on along Michigan Ave., which seems to be another surprise to most of us.

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