Friday, July 15, 2011

New Restaurants Opening Soon...We Hope!

Did you notice the small item in Thursday’s RedEye? It said The Scout Waterhouse and Kitchen (1301 S. Michigan) is opening August 1, 2011. We hope that’s true because The Scout’s Web site still says “Look for Opening in June 2011.”

Waffles’ Alex Hernandez said, “We had to push back our opening to the 27th of this month.” Hernandez has promised to keep us posted if there are any more changes or updates. Waffles is set to open at 1400 S. Michigan Ave. For a peek at Waffles's menu, visit rtheir  Facebook page.

Opening a new business and establishing an opening date is tough. This is especially true for restaurants that oftentimes have complicated kitchen equipment and are subject to various inspections and certifications.

Here’s hoping these dates hold.

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